Wednesday, February 04, 2009

just got this pix from eddie ( redgarages ) and dc at 2008 KL Bikeweek, when we met KL true blood greaser, fachmi and he wif his pre unit triumph ( for sale )...hey look da two gals fake HD apparel ha ha ha !!!...mmm, nice dyna also !


dC said...

i can never forget when he called me over at the front of Street Draggers Cycle garage while tuning his bike...

faumi : "dC, listen.... when retard, sounds like?"

dC: "Harley?"

faumi: "rite... advanced.. sounds like?"

dC " a heavy Duc?"

faumi : " riite!!! once again... retard like?"

dC: "Harley"

Faumi (very satisfied wif the lesson: " very good...glad u know"

dC (looking like a bemused retard" : ".........."

revdeckster said...

wuaaha ha ha....whatta retards !