Monday, May 04, 2009

The band was formed in Summer 2002, in Leipzig, Germany after Yolanda..s and Alex..s call, joined by the incredible Kathrin on Drums and Giordano B. on Bass duties. They played many gigs and festivals in the East side of Germany, until 2004 where a change was to be made, since times and schedules where kind of not getting toghether anymore. Bisfer and Patrick joined then until today, playing even more concerts and gigs, gaining a very good reputation in whole Germany, getting labeled as the best Instrumental band of the last years around. The band toured Mexico City and surroundings last February with the invaluable help of the great Mexican surf-punk legends Lost Acapulco, and where received with much enthusiasm by the hot audiences there. Their last official release on El Toro Records was "Guitars in Orbit". Now they moved on to the greatest european label for surf-R&R-Beat-Punk: "Kamikaze Records",
where their new release has found a new house

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